Be a hero in your own book

Being a human, you ain’t able to copy other forever. The best way to live is doing what you wanna do, do what you dream and most importantly do what you love.

Don’t try to copy others because they’re your hero, idol or someone you appreciate. although, I didn’t mean by doing the opposite. I just wanna tell you that your life is so so so beautiful, you have your own story to write. So, be the hero in your own book.

  • Example

If you can live up to 100 years. Consider it as a year count as a chapter. Make sure that you write the story at least two of the three chapters including happiness, instead of hurt, lonely, bored, breaking up…etc.

Once you read the books afterward, you would laugh with your own story. It’s better than after reading it, your tears start dropping from your eyes, right?

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